Judge Dredd//Sector 102

Welcome to the mean streets of Sector 102. This will become home to all the quick links for Judge Dredd Related Fun.

Judge Dredd Miniature Game

Introduction to the Judge Dredd Miniature Game (JDMG)

Game Rules

Random Events of Mega City One


Judge Duel - Judge on Judge Action (kinky)
Rolling Thunder - Fatty Food Fight!
Dino Rampage - Grab your dinosaur toys


Angles McManus and Pancake Clydes - Owner and Manager of the Angle Shuggy Hall Sector 102
The Angel Gang - Learn about Pa, Link, Junior, Mean and Fink.
The Ape Gang - Don Uggie Apelino, Joe Bananas, Fast Eeek, The Jungle and the Swamp Skunks.
Chapman Pincher - Special Character for JDMG
Johnny Alpha - Strontium Dog's finest Bounty Hunter
Judge Dredd - The Lawman himself
Judge Fergus Kilkenny - Murphyville Judge
The K. Cattrall Fighting Fishmen - Alien/Mutant Fishmen
Novar - Cursed Earth PSI
Orlock The Assassin - Sov Blocks greatest Assassin.
Rhode Island Red- The Red Leg Raiders - Rhode Island Red, Squid Face,
Wendy Go!! - Sector 102 Futsie, Dan Abnett Block.

Judge Dredd Background Fluff


Organised Crime - A guide to being a criminal


Angle Shuggy Hall - A Guide to the game of Shuggy.
The Emerald Isle and Murphyville - A Guide to the Irish.
The Undercity - Beginners Guide to the Undercity

Restricted Tek Files

Lawmaster MKIII
Spy in the Sky
K-2000 Samurai Ground Attack Suit


Case Files - Restricted Files - Megs - Other



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