Monday, 19 March 2018

Sector 102 // Character Fact File Johnny Alpha

Welcome Dreddheads to another JDMG update. Today we look at Johnny Alpha, the top Bounty Hunter of the Strontium Dogs.

++ Sector House 102 ++
++ Emergency status: Time portal anomaly ++
 ++ Subject: Johnny Alpha ++
"A Time Portal has opened in the Food Court of Dan Abnett block. Energy signature matches that of known SD agent Johnny Alpha. Use extreme caution and expect Dredd!" 

Known Background
The most famous and respected of the Strontium Dogs is Johnny Alpha, whose mutant eyes allow him to see through walls and read minds. He is responsible for such legendary achievements as destroying the Wolrog homeworld, leading the mutant uprising on Earth, and bringing Adolf Hitler to the future to face trial. His legendary career and his assistance to mutants in trouble - such as donating a large sum of money to the Milton Keynes ghetto - has made him an icon to Earth's mutants. He is a highly skilled and dangerous fighter, highly dogged bounty hunter, never giving up in the pursuit of his quarry.

He is the son of Nelson Bunker Kreelman, a bigoted politician who drafted the anti-mutant laws and gained power on the back of bigotry. Despised, abused and hidden away by his father, Johnny escaped at a young age and joined the Mutant Army, becoming one of its key leaders by age 17 and playing a major part in the mutant uprising of 2167. He never revealed the identity of his father, changing his name from Kreelman to Alpha.

Like all Search/Destroy agents, Alpha is armed with highly advanced technology including a variable-cartridge blaster, electrified brass knuckles, a short-range teleporter, a "time drogue" that can briefly "rewind" the last few minutes of time, and "time bombs" which can transport somebody minutes or hours forwards or backwards in time (by which time the planet has moved along in its orbit, so that the victim reappears in empty space).

Over the years, Johnny Alpha's white, incandescent eyes have provided him with several mutant abilities. Most frequently, the high-level alpha radiation emitted from his eyes allows Johnny to
see through walls and other solid objects, or to read people's minds. He has also used his piercing stare to inflict severe headaches on his opponents, guide small objects remotely with a kind of limited telekinesis, or to "suggest" illusions or hallucinations (e.g., while fighting the Necromagus, Sabbat, Johnny made Sabbat believe the Grim Reaper was behind him.).

Johnny Alpha

485 Credits
8 Psi
Move: 5" AG: +3 Shoot: +4 Melee: +2 Melee Dice: 3D 
Will: +4 Armour: +5 Hits: 15


Accurate, Brave, Close Combat Shooter, Crackshot, Crippling Fire, Inspire, Martial Artist, Rapid Fire, Parry.

Special Abilities & Weapons
Mutant Eyes (psi abilities): Danger Sense, Daze, Mind Shield.
Electronux (electroprod)
Time Bombs: Range: 10"/Shooting Dice: 1D/Damage: Stun/AP: 0
Special: Explosive 1, Weak, Time Jump....Model hit is removed from play for 1 turn. Afterwards model is placed back where they were and suffer a stun result. 

Variable Cartridge Blaster:  Range 15"

Cartridge 1 Standard: Dice 3D Dam 1 AP-1
Cartridge 2 Armour Piercing: 1D Dam 1 AP-4
Cartridge 3 High Intensity Tunneller Beam: 1D Dam 2 AP-3 Complex
Cartridge 4 High Explosive: 1D Dam 3 Ap-1 Explosive

There with it. What do you think? Are the rules to complicated or overpowered? Would you use him in your Dredd game? Let me know below and as always thanks.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Craftworld Iyanden 15 // Spiritseer Iyanna

Heading back to the Craftworld for an update on my newest Iyanden character Spiritseer Iyanna. Here is her background fluff:

Hailing from the House of Arienal on Iyanden, Iyanna was destined for greatness when she first set upon the Path of the Witch. During the Battle of the Burning Moon, all of Arienal's family save herself were killed in the Chaos Cyclonic Torpedo attack. Thereafter, Arienal embraced the ways of the Spiritseer and her mind was ever connected to the Infinity Circuit to commune with those that she had lost. When Eldrad Ulthran brought warning to Iyanden of the Great Devourer, he also told the Iyanden Seer Council that the Eldar race's only ultimate hope against Slaanesh lay with Ynnead, the god of the dead. While most of Iyanden dismissed Ulthran, Arienal embraced this prophecy and in a brief moment received a glorious apotheosis where the spirits of living Eldar would become one with the dead. The resulting psychic backlash would stir Ynnead from his slumber, and at last defeat Slaanesh.

Arienal's followers have been no less active than the famed Prince Yriel, throwing their hopes into the ancient prophecy known as the Phoenix Arisen; wherein the Eldar race will be reborn anew. At Iyanna's direction, they have sought the Tears of Morai-Heg, gemstone fragments that possess ancient magic that Spiritseers say would see the rebirth accomplished. Their search for the tears has brought them into contact with humans, Orks, and other primitive races. Reclaiming these tears has proven a bloody affair, and taking possession of the first required a dozen worlds left in ruin. Within a few short years, Iyanna's followers had grown so influential that they had outgrown Yriel's.

After the Battle of Duriel, many assumed Iyanna dead as she had been alongside Taec Silvereye at the time of the planet's destruction. However, this fear proved to be unfounded as she was discovered among the wounded. She later reappeared to help save Iyanden from Daemonic invasion, allying with the new formed Ynarri.

In battle she is armed with a shuriken pistol, the Spear of Teuthlas, and the Armour of Vaul. She is also accompanied by a massive Wraithlord housing the spirit of an Aspect Warrior.

The model itself was pretty straight forward. The base unsurprising is a Spiritseer. The head was a spare I had from the Dark Eldar Wych kit and the Spear of Teuthlas was made using a witch spear from the Skyrunner warlock. For me this was a pretty simple conversion and I am sure others can do better. If you have a conversion drop me a link below.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Comic Review 26 // Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

It's been a while since my last comic review and for that I apologize. I have been heavily distracted by reading for my 2018 book review posts. But I'm having a short break from that to bring you this review. So let us dive in!
Publisher: IDW (the USA publishing rights owner)

Title: Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

Writer: Al Ewing

Artists: John McCrea

Pages: 104

Cover: Not as exciting as it could have been, showing a slightly worried looking Alien facing off against a stern looking Dredd.


A cross-over between Judge Dredd and Mars Attacks (using the IDW franchise). The story has the main man Judge Dredd being called in to investigate a mega racket in the city. What he discovers is a racket being controlled by Aliens from Mars. With their plan rumbled the Aliens launch a full scale invasion of Mega City One. Only Judge Dredd, with the help of Judge Anderson's abilities, can put a stop to the Martian minds suppressing the Judges weapons, giving them a chance to stop the invasion.


Not the best cross-over I've seen or read. At points it was hard to workout who was meant to win with Judge Dredd nearly being killed. Worst still Dredd didn't even seem to care about it then to make matters worst Dredd is forced to pardon a Mafia don to get his help; but manages to arrest the Don for a different crime. Overall a ten switch off your brain read adventure, just remember Dredd fans this isn't cannon. Easy to forget so blame it all on a malfunctioning Dream Machine.

2 out of 5


Mafia Bosses: 
  • Don Schozzelli - Giant Nose with a diamond in it.
  • Don Mumbletti - Mumbles everything
  • Don Travolta - Does it need explaining?
  • Don Hooverbot 4000 - Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Don Uggie Apelino - Best character ever. May he rest in peace.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Book Review 20 // Alien River of Pain by Christopher Golden

Welcome to book number five of 2018. For this review I have the Grimdark of 40k and have instead headed to the Dark tunnels of the Aliensverse. Expect moody dark shadows, colonial marines and dreaded Facehuggers! Let us jump in!

Title: Alien: River of Pain

Author: Christopher Golden

Publisher: Titan Books

Format: Paperback

Page Count: 352

Commercial Fluff: When Ellen Ripley finally returns to Earth, she learns that the planet LV-426—now called Acheron—has been colonized. But LV-426 is where Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo found the original Xenomorph—the killing machine known as the Alien.

Protected by the Colonial Marines, the colonists seek to terraform the storm-swept planet. Two such residents are Anne and Russell Jorden, seeking a fortune that eluded them on Earth. On Acheron, Anne gives birth to the colony’s first newborn. Rebecca Jordan, also known as Newt.

The wildcatters discover a vast, decaying spaceship. The horseshoe-shaped vessel is of particular interest to Weyland-Yutani, and may be the answer to their dreams. But what Anne and Russ find on board proves to be the stuff, not of dreams, but of nightmares.


Book picks up in the timeframe between the first film Alien and the second film Aliens. Since watching Ripley enter hypersleep we find out that a colony called Hadley's Hope has been built on LV-426 or as it is now called Acheron (which translates to "River of Pain"). To make matters more exciting for the reader is the birth of Newt, the young girl who is destined to be saved by Ripley.

The problem this story faces is the fact you know what will ultimately happen (unless you have never seen the films) and leaves the author with little options on how to progress the tale. Step One: Colonists find the derelict spaceship. Step Two: They disturb the eggs, get face-huggered (hope that is the correct term). Step Three: Badass Aliens emerge. Step Four: Death and destruction reign down on the colonists.

The other problem about is the fact that it takes the story more than half the novel before the aliens finally appear, and then everything goes into super fast gory death mode. Scenes that should have been scary are sadly rushed and left unfulfilling. Characters who you spent learning the names off die with barely a grand farewell, while others are just forgotten presumed dead. The only characters worth remembering are Newt, Newt's Mother Anne and the Colonaly Captain Brackett. The rest though semi interesting are just alien food. And when you are left with only twenty pages you just know it's going to be rushed.

For me as a fan of the Aliens universe, Alien: River of Pain was good read and got me watching the films straight after. It's also ignited my drive to seek out more Alien/Xenomorph themed books. So expect more.

Thanks for stopping off and reading my review. If you enjoyed please do comment below or better let follow me to stay up to date with more posts.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Beer Review 57 // Jelly King by Bellwoods

Well this week for work I was sent off to Craft Beer Market Ottawa for an event. The best thing about this night was the fact that they serve a permanent tap of Bellwoods beer. The beer on that tap constantly rotates depending on what they can get in, tonight it was Jelly King. As I sat there getting ready to work, I came to the shocking discovery that I had yet to review a Jelly King on the blog, worst yet I hadn't reviewed a Bellwoods beer at all. Now that has to change, so here is Jelly King.


Name: Jelly King
Style: Sour
Country: Canada (Ontario-Toronto)
ABV: 5.6%
Commercial Fluff: "This mixed fermentation ale is soured with a 5-strain house blend of lactobacillus, and heavily dry-hopped with citra. The result is juicy, sour, and thirst-quenching. Lots of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar hop aroma and flavours with very low bitterness."

Own Opinion

Pour: From tap
Sight: The pour is a hazy darker yellow with a crisp white head on top. The bar is poorly lit so sorry for the picture that fails to truly capture the colour.
Aroma: Sour and fruity. From the aroma alone you know it's going to taste sweet and tart and refreshing.
Taste: Fruity, lemon citrus comes through along with the tangerine. The finish is lingering and drying making you want to drink more.

Would I buy it again? Yes. In fact we ordered three more of them throughout the event. It's just a great beer and good example of the style. Nothing to challenging for newbies to the style whilst still being interesting enough for the long toothed beer drinker. If you can find it treat yourselves you will not be disappointed.

Have you tried it? Drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Book Review 19 // Grey Hunter by William King

Welcome to the Grey Hunter book review. The third installment of William King's exploration of the Space Wolves and their most popular character Ragnar Blackmane. The first book of the tale can be found here and the second installment here.

This will also see the completion of my fourth book of 2018. As you may have seen or read elsewhere each year I try to push my slow reading ability more and more. For 2017 the challenge was 12 books in 12 months, which I completed. For 2018 it is a minimum of 18 books in 12 months. Not to hard I know, but for me it would be quite the achievement. So with this all in mind let us dive in to this next review.

Title: Grey Hunter
Author: William King
Publisher: Black Library
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 288
Commercial Fluff: "Ragnar Blackmane is unique among the Space Wolves in that he ascended to the Wolf Guard without ever being a Grey Hunter. But how did he manage such a feat? The beginnings of that story are told here… When the Spear of Russ, an ancient relic of the Space Wolves once wielded by Leman Russ himself, is stolen, the Chapter seeks its return on the world of Garm. But when they are ambushed by the forces of Chaos the enraged Space Wolves learn that there is more to the attack than they could have guessed, for an ancient enemy of the Chapter is prophesied to be reborn…"

Review (Contains Spoilers)

So first up this is the third book in a series, so don't just jump straight in as it will be confusing to understand the characters and how they are organised. Unsurprisingly it features Ragnar as a Blood Claw going to war within his great company of Space Wolves, fighting against a chaos infested uprising that has also stolen the legendary Spear of Russ on the World of Garm.

Angered by this a front to chapter, the Space Wolves head to Garm in full force to bring down this uprising and recover the lost Spear. But it is never that easy in the 41st millennium... In a surprising twist we see the return of Madox- A Thousand Son Sorcerer from the first book, who has seemingly learnt a few tricks and grown as a villain. Madox is attempting to open a portal to the planet of Sorcerers to allow Magnus the Red to re-enter the material realm. Soon Ragnar is facing off against Madox is a race to close the portal that is letting chaos flood into the world. What follows is a pretty epic battle as Ragnar fights Madox and in the final moments choses to throw the Spear of Russ into the portal of chaos closing the tear and ending the conflict. This leads to mixed feelings for Ragnar as some believe him to be a saviour and a hero, whilst others see him as the upstart who lost Leman Russ's Spear.

Like the other books in this series William's writing is sometimes blunt and bland, but his fight scenes are always well paced and not gory for the sake of it. I enjoyed about 70% of the book whilst 30% of it seemed to dragged on whilst Ragnar faced inner demons and became an Emo marine. If you are Space Wolf/Space Marine fan you would find this an enjoyable read.

As always thanks for reading my review and feel free to follow or drop a comment below. My next book on the list is Neferata part of the Warhammer Time of Legends series. A step into Vampires and Fantasy.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Beer Review 56 // Highland Hill Walker by Crooked Mile

New brewery alert. Crooked Mile brewery has been around now for about a year, only problem is it's all the way out in Almonte. So with a day off we hopped in the car and took the drive and picked up some cans. So without further ado let's get into it.


Name: Highland Hill Walker
Style: Scottish Export
Brewery: Crooked Mile, Almonte, Ontario.
Country: Canada. 
ABV: 4.4%

Commercial Fluff: "Like a friendly greeting on a long trail, our Scottish Export will bring warmth to your table. This beautiful, deep amber ale is smooth and true to style. You’ll discover sweet notes of butterscotch and a slight smokiness with very little bitterness."

Own Opinion

Sight: Pour is a dark reddish copper, with a little fizzy off white head. Standard looking for the style.
Aroma: Dark fruits, roasted malts and some gentle coffee aromas.
Taste: Pretty gentle and mellow all round. Malt flavours, some hints of coffee and a light bitter finish.

Would I buy it again? Sure. Very easy drinking and a solid example of the style. Will it blow your socks off? No. Is it good for drinking a few in the row hell ya!

Have you tried it? Drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Book Review 18 // Ragner's Claw by William King

Welcome to Ragnar's Claw book review. The second installment of William King's exploration of the Space Wolves and their most popular character Ragnar Blackmane. The first book of the tale can be found here and was the fourth book I ever reviewed. It's taken me a while to get back to this series (my bad).

This will also be my third completed book of 2018 (yay me). Each year I try to push my slow reading ability more and more. 2017 the challenge was 12 books in 12 months which I completed and for 2018 it is a minimum of 18 books in 12 months. Not to hard I know, but for me it would be quite the achievement. So with this all in mind let us dive in.

Title: Ragnar's Claw
Author: William King
Publisher: Black Library
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 282
Commerical Fluff: From the death world of Fenris come the Space Wolves, the most savage of the Emperor's Space Marines. Ragnar's Claw is the storming tale of Ragnar's first mission as a young Blood Claw warrior. From the jungle hell of Galt to the polluted cities of Hive World Venam, Ragnar's mission takes him on an epic trek across the galaxy to face the very heart of evil!


First up this was a surprising quick read for me. William King's writing style is engaging and easy flowing. It kept me engaged from start to finish. Down side to his storytelling is that you need a working knowledge of 40k otherwise you get completely lost. The tale follows Ragnar's first off world mission as young Blood Claw (think entry level fighting unit). His mission to help aid an inquisitor on a mission to collect three pieces of an Eldar artifact, which is prophesied to help save the inquisitors homeworld from a deadly plague. Throughout the tale the marines face off against orks, genestealers and daemons, whilst they traverse jungle worlds, space hulks and industrial planets. Ragnar as a character gains more background and becomes a more rounded character with faults and flaws that make him seem human. Even developing a fear of mortality after being seriously wounded by some ork's and watching a comrade die in battle. Throughout the book we deal with Ragnar's suspicions about his allies and get rewarded at the end for wondering who are these offworlders and what are they really after.

As with the first book, King expertly delivers fast pace battle scenes that are quick and brutal as befitting a 40k book and starts to explain the wider Imperium of Man to the reader via Ragnar's own developing story. For me the best part was how far Ragnar and his pack developed as group, traveling further than ever before and fighting foes for the first time we start to see a novice unit becoming a elite fighting force.

Overall a fun, quick read, some may find it a simple book. Personally I really enjoy it.

"For Russ and the Allfather!"

Sector 102 // Emerald Isle and Judge Fergus Kilkenny

Welcome Dredd-heads, time for a Sector 102 update. This time we travel the waves and visit the Emerald Isle's and Murphyville. Then I will introduce Judge Fergus Killkenny an Exchange Judge visiting MC-1.

Lets begin with some background info:

Murphyville is the main urban settlement on Emerald Isle (formerly Ireland), spanning the south-east coast. It is independent to Brit-Cit but highly 'influenced' by it. The main export of Murphyville is entertainment. There was 20 million inhabitants on the island in 2113.


Ireland's potato crops died out in 2052. For the sake of the tourist trade, they secretly mashed up rice to look like potatoes. It remained neutral during the Atomic War of 2070 but that didn't protect it from extensive radiation damage. It was only reclaimed in 2095 due to Brit-Cit aid and in return, Brit corporations have a major hold on the Isle's government. The country was turned into a gigantic theme park based around stereotypes of traditional Irish life. Stereotyped rural villages like the Charles Haughey Memorial Village were set up in the countryside, catering for the tourists (and only serving potatoes). Insulting promotional ads were fronted by a cartoon leprechaun called Seamus O'Tuber. Murphyville itself became increasingly urbanised but sometimes bit off more than it can chew: the Black Atlantic tunnel to the island ends in the Atlantic Bridge as they ran out of cash to complete the tunnel itself.

At some point, the Emerald Isle Militia became a semi-formal Judge force. They created the spud gun at a time when they were unable to afford bullets and tried using the fake potatoes instead. Discontent with patronising tourists and the need to cater to them grew. Young nationalists had formed the Sons of Erin terror group in the 2110s. Many of the Judges sympathised and the Sons rarely did anything serious, until the Sons leader Frank Neeson hired a mob blitzer called Donny Staples (mistaking him for a war veteran) to help them in 2113. They first executed the Ambassador to Mega-City One, then were steered by Staples into the "Bloody Monday Morn" massacre on May 12: hitting Murphyville International Airport, Riverside Travel Centre, Justice Central Station, Telemurph, the docks, and various hab villages and spudatoriums. A visiting Dredd helped Joyce and the Judge Militia wipe out the Sons of Erin but the tourist trade was still crippled.

Since then notable instances:
  • In 2114, Judge-Sergeant Joyce uncovered human body parts in Fingal Pie Factory pies. This turned out to be a gang of Trinity College medical students who thought it was a laugh to smuggle human bodies into food. 2114 was also the year that Murphyville finally signed the Judicial Charter with Mega-City One after years of diplomatic wrangling. In the same year, Murphyville faced zombie attacks on Judgement Day. Murphyville still had graveyards rather than [resyk] and zombies poured out of them, with airstrikes on graves written off as the Church would never buy it.
  • Murphyville was one of the many megacities trying to get the head of Judge Eckhart in 2117. Judge Patrick Wilde was actually a double agent for Vatican City but failed to secure the head.
  • In 2126, the city was under Chief Judge Krilly rule. He visited Mega-City One for the Global Justice Summit and got into a fight with Euro-City's Chief Judge Boltstern (who dismissed him and the city as irrelevant unless they wanted to hear about potatoes) when he came to the defence of an Oz Judge. 
  • After Chaos Day, an unknown number of Irish Judges were sent to Mega-City One to replenish its numbers. 

The Judges

The Judge Militia used to be poor, hence the need for the spud gun, and their bikes were still less advanced than the Lawmaster by 2114. They were more like the traditional Garda than most Judges, rarely using the same level of violence and being more integrated in the local community; Judges were allowed to drink, even on duty, and can have families. Bloody Monday Morn was a severe shock to the Militia. 

The uniforms are highly distinctive, with the top being a "trenchcoat" rather than the biker leathers of most forces. The green and white colouring (with orange bits) is based around the Irish flag. Large sidearms were in use by the 2110s (apparently without the multiple rounds of other Judge forces). The force operates out of Justice Central Station while criminals are locked up in Kilmainham Iso-cubes.

Under the Judicial Charter, Murphyville Judges can pursue criminals to Mega-City One and receive assistance, and vice versa.

+++ Current List of Exchange Program Judges +++
+++ .........accessing.........Sector 102 records........ +++
+++ Judge currently active......Murphyville Judge.......Judge Fergus Kilkenny......+++
+++ Data Upload Complete +++
+++Visiting Judge Fergus Kilkenny+++

Judge Kilkenny hails from the Southern regions of Murphyville near the Black Atlantic Bridge. He was granted access to Mega-City One following a killing spree committed by The Summer Hall Gang. A gang with strong ties to Murphyville. Chief Judge Heresy felt it only fitting that they help clean up the mess their fellow Irishmen had created.

Judge Kilkenny is a light hearted fellow, who enjoys a good drink. Since coming to Mega-City One, Kilkenny has enjoyed the lights and sounds of the Big Meg. He can be found most of the time in Angles and has become a great Shuggy player.

Credits: 125 Type: Infantry, Hero Lvl 2 Equipment: Daystick, Handgun, Lightweight Armour.
Move: 5" Agility: +0 Shoot: +3 Melee: +0 Melee Dice: 2D Will: +0 Armour: +4 Hits: 3

Talents: Accurate, Crack Shot, Wild Shooting,

Sunday, 11 February 2018

S102. Character Fact File: Rhode Island Red and Squid Face.

Hey, hey Dredd-heads. Bringing you some more Dredd goodness. This time we turn to the dreaded Cursed Earth and the home of Rhode Island Red.

++ Sector House 102 ++

++ Morning Briefing ++

++ Subject: Rhode Island Red and The Red Leg Raiders ++

"Morning Judges. Intel has lead us to believe that Rhode Island Red, has escaped custody with the help of the surviving members of the Red Leg Raiders. Most likely in Sector 102 looking for transport to escape via the Black Atlantic. Be warned this gang make use of Dog Vultures so always check your six!"

-Sector House Chief.

Rhode Island Red Leader of the Red Leg Raiders
Credits: 140
Type: Infantry Hero, Illegal Infantry.
Move: 5" Agility: +0 Shoot: +1 Melee: +1 Melee Dice: 2D Will: +3 Armour: +3 Hits: 2

Mutations: Beak (Melee), Cock-a-doodle-do (Will)
Weapons: Knife, Laser pistol, Leathers.
Talents: Brave, Drokk the Law!

Squid Face of the Red Leg Raiders

Credits: 65
Type: Illegal Infantry, Minion.
Move: 5" Agility: +0 Shoot: +0 Melee: +0 Melee Dice: 2D Will: +0 Armour: +3 Hits: 1
Mutations: Tentacles (melee).
Weapons: Knife, Spit Pistol, Leathers.

Unsurprisingly I plan on growing this gang into a fully formed group. So continue to watch this space. Just need to workout how to make dog vultures.

Rhode Island Red and Squid Face ambush a business man and minder. 

Sector 102 // Character Fact File Johnny Alpha

Welcome Dreddheads to another JDMG update. Today we look at Johnny Alpha, the top Bounty Hunter of the Strontium Dogs. ++ Sector House ...